The milling department features five working areas: two 3-axis vertical machining centres with pallet changer 2 stations, two vertical machining centres with CNC tilting rotary table and 4th and 5th axis continuous machining, and one 3-axis vertical machining centre.
We run 4 and 5 axis machines with single and twin pallet variants allowing us to offer components from a few millimetres in size up to 1 metre in length.
All machines are linked to a CAD CAM system allowing for easy program transfer and revision control of programmes to parts.


The turning department features 3 CNC machines, including a multi-axis Takisawa machining centre for complex operations integrating milling and turning to remove the need for secondary steps. We can complete components in a single operation, reduce machining times & costs and improve accuracy. The Takisawa has an innovative integrated cooling system to guarantee more precise tolerances.
We run from ø 10 mm to ø 350 mm with twin spindle and double turret variants C and Y axis machining capability, with ø 80 mm bar loader.
All machines are linked to the CAD CAM system allowing for easy program transfer and revision control of programmes to parts.


We have recently invested to acquire one horizontal spindle grinder, which now enables us to offer subcontract precision grinding. Maximum dimensions are 1300×650 mm. We also make Stainless Steel grinding and we provide circular grinding directly from our approved suppliers.


Mancin has a functional unit assembly service, integrating components from several machining processes and providing its customers with complete products. This solution means customers can entrust a single supplier for all the machining and production processes.

At Mancin we care about quality, for this reason we ensure that raw materials, manufactured components, subcontract services and treatments correspond to customers’ specifications. We provide full standard and bespoke documentation for materials and treatments traceability.


Stainless steel, Steel, Iron, Cast Iron, Titanium, Brass, Bronze, Aluminium alloys, Magnesium, Plastic materials.


nickeling, hardening, tempering, annealing, carburizing, cementation, burnishing, anodizing, tumbling, sandblasting, paint finishes.


Our staff working in the control & metrology department monitors and checks
the entire production process and provides free specific test-reports for machined parts.

Our machines

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